Lake Ridden

I'm the co-founder of the indie game studio Midnight Hub and we have released Lake Ridden on Steam, Gog and Humble Store.

Lake Ridden is a story driven first person puzzle game. Check it out:

Nuclear Pizza War

Nuclear Pizza War is a game made by me, Jeb and Henrik for the 2013 Mojam.

What else can you make with the words Pizza, War and Nuclear?

Minecraft Pocket Edition

I worked on Minecraft Pocket Edition at Mojang for three years.

The community around it is pretty awesome!


Jordlingar was made for the World culture museum in Gothenbug.

Played on a touch screen. For players between five and nine years old.

Awesome Fighters

A school project while studying at the University of Skövde.

Decadence Mod

Decadence was a game modification for Half-life 2 focused on two vs two combat.

It was a very pretty project.